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Full cleaning services including windows, driveways, gutters and patios

Welcome to SparkleGleam Cleaning. We are a family run Business, Based in Sittingbourne in Kent.

We cover Ashford, Canterbury, Thanet, The Medway Towns, Swale and surrounding areas. We offer full cleaning services for Domestic and Commercial properties.
If you require a reliable window cleaning service, or if you need your gutter’s cleaned as part of routine maintenance then we can provide you with a no fuss, simple solution. please give us a call for a free no obligation quote.

We offer Regular window cleaning using the pole and purified water system. For internal windows we clean traditionally (for a more detailed description see our window cleaning section)

For Gutter cleaning we use a high power, high reach vacuum system, that removes all debris from clogged gutters. We use a high quality Camera to take Photos or record a video to show you completed work or any problems that you may have with your guttering that could lead to damp, saving you the customer money, and heartache.
This method works very well indeed and makes ladders unnecessary and avoids the dangers involved with ladder use and potential damage to your property. We also clean Fascia’s, Soffits, Conservatory’s, Solar panels, Patio, Driveway, Decking and offer small to medium office cleaning, communal area cleaning and roof video inspections. We clean for Hotels, Residential Flats, Office blocks and much more. Whatever your looking for you can trust SparkleGleam Cleaning, we offer Uniformed staff, a Fully insured service, while staying a friendly Family run business.

If we can be of assistance, please give us a call on 07492 868564
Or contact us via email: mark@sparklegleam.com

Our cleaning work

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Clean windows

Window Cleaning

Clean and bright using the very latest technology

We provide regular window cleaning services to domestic and commercial properties. We use the latest water-fed pole equipment, which is a much safer than the traditional window cleaning method.

It cuts out the chances of damage from ladders, or from staff climbing on your property.
The water-fed pole cleaning system is a far better system of cleaning.it gives the same standard if not better than traditional cleaning, with the added bonus of cleaning windows that are usually out of reach by ladder.

The combination of our purified water and pole/ brush system ensures we not only clean your glass, frames, sills and doors, but also the joints rubber seals preventing any moss or algae build up. That in turn stops the chance of damage, leaks to your doors and windows. increasing their life expectancy.

Think of a regular window clean as more than clean windows. Think of it as maintenance.

Regular cleaning will extend the life of your windows and frames.

Cleaning in The Rain. With our Purified water and Pole system we can clean your windows on a rainy day.Rain will just run off the Glass leaving them clean and streak free.

We text or call the evening before your due to be cleaned, between 6pm and 8pm to let you know we will be over so you can leave a gate open if need be.

If you prefer, we have a secure lock box on our property to keep your spare gate key in.
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Clean gutters

Gutter / Soffit / Fascia / Cladding Cleaning Service

Simple and effective cleaning

With the use of our high-powered telescopic vacuum machine and HD wireless inspection cameras* we make sure your gutters are left properly cleared of any debris, silt and moss, and cleaned externally**

A build, up of this over time can cause blockages and result in an overflow of rainwater going down the side of your property. This can cause problems with damp.

Left uncleared could result in staining of your property from the misdirected water from the gutter. Another issue would be any fascia on your home which could subsequently rot. Excess water on the ground below and in your garden is another possible result from blocked guttering.

Gutter Cleaning Made Simple

The simple solution to gutter cleaning! We attend your property with a vacuum machine attached to a carbon fibre telescopic pole, then proceed to suck out muck, moss and debris from your gutter system so rain can run down your down pipe freely. The cost also includes the outside of your gutters, soffits and fascias.

Simple and tidy. No ladders to climb, cutting out the risk of damage to your property and ensuring the safety of our staff.

Our cleaning work

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Simple soffit fascia and cladding clean

Soffits, fascia and cladding is cleaned on the same premise. Washed with our pole system, eco chemicals if needed, but we find purified water does the trick.
What we offer:

• Gutters emptied/cleared of muck-inside and out.
• Soffits and Fascia Cleaned
• HD camera survey of your gutters**
• Fully Insured
• No ladders or scaffolding-Safer and more convenient**
• Adherence to health and safety
• Professional friendly service
• Excellent rates
• Reliable, tidy and prompt service
• Uniformed staff.

HD Camera inspections upon request**

External clean included in price covers guttering, fascia and soffits.

In some cases where a property may have been neglected a root system may have occurred that may need the use of a ladder to remove the blockage. **
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Clean conservatories

Conservatory Cleaning

Your Conservatory windows and doors frames etc should be cleaned regularly in your Monthly, or two Monthly window clean.

Conservatory cleaning is an important aspect of keeping your home looking well maintained and loved.

Many Conservatories cost well over £10,000 to have built so it seems a shame to let them go uncleaned and looking dirty after years of exposure to our British weather.

Leaving Moss and Algae on your conservatory can get into the seals creating small areas where damp and water can get between the panels, causing damage that can become unsightly and expensive to fix.

We recommend an annual clean (Think of it as not just cleaning, but also essential maintenance) The roof frame, seals and glass are scrubbed to remove any dirt /moss build up all windows, doors and frames deep cleaned.

Depending on the type of conservatory and the amount of dirt build up.
We use purified water, and if needed a light detergent.
When it comes to cleaning algae, dirt and grime off the UPVC roof and surfaces, we use an eco- friendly chemical solution and or a biocide to clean and treat.
This helps to clean and restore the framework, prevent the build up of algae and moss, and ensure all seals stay undamaged.

An annual clean will help to extend the life of your conservatory, keep it looking like new so you can enjoy your conservatory for many years to come.
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Clean solar panels

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panels work by allowing light into the Solar Cells. The More - light the more power it will generate.

Solar Panels are placed at an angle best suited to collect as much light as possible.
This angle makes them more prone to dust dirt and bird droppings that do not wash off with just rainwater. This reduces the amount of light hitting the panel and so reduces its output.

The projected energy figures claimed by the solar panel manufacturers are based on the panels optimum performance that you only get from clean solar panels.
To protect and maintain your solar panels a regular clean is needed.
Depending on where you live IE by a busy main road or a farm, or anywhere prone to a lot of dust in the air, an annual, six month or quarterly clean will be needed.

By keeping Your solar panels clean you will continue to reap the financial benefits.

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